We can fill your Rx and we offer top-of the line lenses at competitive prices.

We can only fill Single vision lenses, we do not fill progressive lenses or bifocals at this time unfortunately.

All our lenses include these coatings at NO EXTRA COST (other brands charge up to $100 for these 3 coatings combined) -  


  • Anti-Reflective/Anti- Glare (AR) Coating,
  • 100% UV protection,
  • Scratch resistant coating


We can also add polarized lenses to any frame, and transition lenses as well, add it to the box titled other customizations above and we will send you a quote.

Make sure to add your PD (pupillary distance) measurement that can be measured at any local optometrist online, many Rx forms do not include this measurement. Note, you can measure your PD online, but it may not be exact, we recommend going to an optometrist office for this.

The Rx lenses are not included in the price of the frame, they are a separate charge. Also we do have a scratch resistant coating, but that does not guarantee that scratches can appear on lenses.

If you paid for a frame at an event, please fill out the box above and upload your Prescription. We will bill you an invoice that can be paid via paypal, or venmo.

Warranty for Rx lenses: Kahoy owns our own top of the line lens cutting machine and our licensed optician that processes lenses has been in the business for over 15 years. We stand by our Kahoy Rx and if your Rx is not correct we will exchange and replace them for free, shipping charges may apply. No refunds on Rx lenses. We only will exchange lenses if your prescription form is not more than one year old from date of submitting it to us.

Warranty on frame: If you put a Kahoy Rx on them, and the frame breaks. We will replace them if we have the same exact shape and color in stock. We may have the same style but a different color at times for replacements. Replacements will be charged a replacement restocking fee of $25, that includes shipping.

Any further questions please email us yourRxfilled@kahoykollection.com