R & B - Glossy Black - Polarized


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High-grade, light-weight bamboo temple sunglasses with high-quality polarized lenses. Size: 55-23-136


We come from the R & B generation, with flip phones, pagers and pre-social media. We didn't need to check-in or take photos before we ate lunch. The art of conversation was not an art but a daily activity. The bump & grind and soulful songs of this era created many babies in backseats of jeeps, while girls dressed like Aaliyah or TLC with big hoop earrings and extensions in their hair. This R & B style also named due to the prominent metal rim on the bottom of the frame with noticeable bolts in the front too, to make it modern but retro, like the revival of brands such as Cross Colors and JNCO jeans. The temples are 100% eco-friendly bamboo. Bamboo is a very light, strong, and a sustainable wood. The R & B's glossy black features dark gray polarized lens, with a gold metal rim.